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The Legend of Blah Blah: What Could Have Been
posted on July 24, 2012 by HinoSeijin
The Legend of Blah Blah Episode IV: A New Game
posted on June 13, 2012 by HinoSeijin
The Legend of Blah Blah: New Year Resolutions
posted on January 01, 2012 by HinoSeijin
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Swiftblade's Guide to Mastering the Beasts of Hyrule
Or, the Bestiary

"Hyyyaahhh! Welcome to the Bestiary, warriors. Here I will impart all the tricks and trades I have learned throughout my experiences with battling the monster and beasts of Hyrule. Below, navigate the Bestiary by letter, where each entry is divided into three sections: Behavior (how the monster acts), Tactics (how to crush it with your mighty strikes), and Tidbits (any odd information you should know). Good luck warriors!!"

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