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SandCast #3: E3 2011
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Compendium of Hyrule

The land of Hyrule is a mysterious place filled with amazing creatures, cultures, and histories. As part of the defined and well-known history, there are in turn many mysteries yet explored in this world. Within these pages, you will find an exploration deep into these mysteries, in the form of theories, historical articles, and timelines. Lastly, please note that all articles, timeline, and theories are based on the ideas of the webmaster and do not necessarily reflect the official canonical view of Nintendo or the Zelda creators. This is but a (well-founded) creation from a webmaster with way too much time on his hands. Enjoy!

Chronicle of Hyrulian History
Hyrule's history laid bare and explained in epic detail.
An Anthropological Study of Hyrule
An in-depth look at the peoples, culture, and races that inhabit the land of Hyrule.
Hylian Linguistics Studies
Exploring the Hylian language, its uses, and the translations thereof.
Atlas of Hyrule
Maps and accompanying descriptions of Hyrule proper and the surrounding regions that Link has visited on his journeys.
Mysteries and Theories
The unexplained details of Hyrulian history are examined empirically and explained in detail.
Who Woulda Thunk It?
TDC's trademark collection of differtent oddities from the various Zelda games.
A field guide describing each and every beast, baddie, and monster that roam Hyrule and surrounding lands.

In addition to the main sections of the Compendium, especially useful are the following sections that expand upon how I've reached my conclusions: specifically, what are my sources, and what are they from? What of the sources themselves, the whole concept of a Zelda canon? More about those topics below.


Significant Quotes
The most important quotes of each Zelda game, what they mean about continuity in the series and other events.

Compendium FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about how the Compendium was written answered.

Article Categories

Use the links below to find the substance articles on which the Compendium is built, detailing important people, places, things, and more. Please note that Races and Lands (as opposed to locations) can be found in the Anthropological Study of Hyrule and Atlas of Hyrule, respectively, linked above.

Religious Figures

Articles Index

Listed here are all the various articles that you could find scattered in the different sections of the Compendium, instead contained here in this handy index.

Guest Commentaries

If you would like to contribute your own thoughts on what I've written about in the Compendium, or even some other aspect of Zelda history and backstory, then email it to me and I'll post your article with a title and what name you'd like to be credited with.

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