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zelda v: ocarina of time

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is arguably the best game to ever hit the Nintendo 64, maybe ever the Video Gaming Industry! It certainly holds its own against other games. Ocarina of Time tells the tale of young Link and his adventures throughout Hyrule and is a prequel of sorts for the entire series. To survive this perilous quest across time you'll need the Ocarina of Time Player's Guide. Every section here is designed to help you beat and defeat the fifth quest in the Legend of Zelda Series!

[Young Link and Navi] Nightmares filled with Gerudo warlords and fair princesses may be one thing, but having to save the world from the greatest evil this side of Death Mountain is entirely another. Link (that little scamp) finds himself thrown into the most dangerous conflict to grace the Nintendo 64 yet. Your job is to guide Link across the time-space continuum to stop Ganondorf the King of Evil.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is Link's jump to 3D and what a jump it is. This game is probably one of the most entertaining N64 games you will ever play. Ocarina of Time is already regarded as the best game of all time! If you find yourself stuck on this great (but very perplexing) game, then be sure to refer to this great guide. We have everything you will need to conquer Ganondorf's forces and prove yourself as the true Hero of Time!

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