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zelda vii: oracle of seasons


Din, the Oracle of Seasons, has been captured by the General of Darkness, Onox. With her capture, and the sinking of the Temple of Seasons into another world, the Seasons of Holodrum have been thrown into calamity. Now it is up to Link, the youth sent to Holodrum by the Triforce, to save Din and restore the Seasons with the use of the mystical Rod of Seasons. Now, it is Link's job to travel across the land, restoring the powers of the Spirits of the Seasons and retrieve the Essences of Nature. Good luck hero, Holodrum depends on you!


The focus of the game rests upon the use of the item, the Rod of Seasons, which allows the gamer to change the current season to any of the other three. An example of this is the changing of the season to Spring so you can dig when the soil is softer. Also, if there is an item out in the middle of a lake, the gamer can change the Season to Winter and an ice path will be available to reach the item.

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