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[News] EDN's Annual Hyrule Trivia!
June 16, 2009 — by
So I've decided to just go ahead and push the Four Swords article to this month. So that should be up in about a week.

More concerning to you all, though, is the announcement of Exploding Deku Nut's fourth season of Hyrule Trivia! Every summer the folks over at EDN host a trivia game on their forums, where all the great minds of the Zelda community meet to see who knows the most useless - well, mostly useless - and random details about our favorite series. Those of you who think you're something special, why not head over there and prove it?

Also, as last year's winner , I myself am now a proud member of the Hyrule Trivia Sages. Apparently I've been given the title of "General Trivia Master Developer" which, aside from being a mouthful, means that many of the questions will be coming from the mind of yours truly. Think you have what it takes to match wits with me? Then get over to the Forbidden Woods and sign up for HT4!

Round 1 begins June 28th, so you've got a little less than two weeks to join.

HT Guidelines
HT Signups

And remember: there are no cheap victories for your gold medals.

If you are not already, you need to be registered with TDC to comment. You can do so at this page.

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