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The Zelda games can be pretty hard sometimes. There's always that tricky puzzle whose solution eludes you, or that blustering boss who just won't go down. Fear not, though, because the Desert Colossus is here to help with our renowned Game Guides! In this section you can find links to guides for all the major Zelda games, as well as guides-in-waiting for the next Zelda games set to debut in the near future. So, enjoy the guides, and with TDC at your side you can be sure not be burned by the most difficult situation!

Legend of Zelda (NES) Join Link in his very first adventure across the ruined land of Hyrule in search of the Triforce shards and Princess Zelda.

Adventure of Link (NES) Link's second adventure takes place after his coming of age. Help our hero cross the vast land of Hyrule to prevent the return of Ganon and recover the Triforce of Courage.

A Link to the Past (SNES) Ganon has made a power grab for the Trfiroce from his dimensional prison and it's up to Link once more to stop him.

Link's Awakening (GB/GBC) Link is shipwrecked on the mysterious Kohilint Island. Now it is up to you to guide him across the island to uncover his way home.

Ocarina of Time (N64) The origins of Hyrule, Ganon, and the Triforce are revealed as Link must travel through time itself to prevent Ganondorf from conquering Hyrule.

Majora's Mask (N64) The Moon is about to crash in the hidden land of Termina, and it's up to Link, a stranger in this strange land, to crack the curse of Majora and prevent armageddon.

Oracle of Seasons (GBC) The evil General Onox has kidnapped Din and halted the Seasons. It's up to Link to travel across Holodrum and restore nature's flow.

Oracle of Ages (GBC) The Oracle Series continues as Veran kidnaps Nayru and disrupts the flow of time. Link must stop the shadow sorceress' plans and defeat the true force behind this darkness.

The Wind Waker (GC) A new Link in a brave new world must save his sister and stop an ancient force from returning to full power while having the winds at his back.

Four Swords/Adventures (GBA/GC) These two adventures expand off the same theme: Link must utilize the Four Sword to gain three heroes to aid him in his quest against the designs of Vaati the wind sorcerer.

The Minish Cap (GBA) Link's latest adventure for the Game Boy Advance takes him to new heights as he shrinks to a tiny size to help the Minish people and defeat a mad apprentice.

Twilight Princess (GC) Link must release Hyrule from the grips of Twilight, but along the way he is faced with troubles of his own, including being cursed to turn into a wolf!

Phantom Hourglass (DS) Link hits the DS in a brand-new cel-shaded adventure.

Tingle RPG (DS) Not yet guaranteed to be released in North America, or at all for that matter. This spinoff follows Tingle in an adventure of his own.

Hyrule Adventures 2! Stop playing Zelda. Start living it!

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