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[The Desert Colossus]

[The Desert Colossus]

[The Desert Colossus]

[The Desert Colossus]

The Desert Colossus


TDC seeks to affiliate with websites that creative, unique, professional looking, and chock full of information regarding the Zelda games. If you own a website that fits this description,

with the url of the site and I'll check it out and get back to you. The Desert Colossus does not discriminate based on site traffic when regarding for affiliation, but here are the requirements we ask you meet:

What do you get in return for affiliation with TDC? Well, as an affiliate we'll post any important news regarding your website that you'd like us to mention; and not only that but the loyalty and friendship of the Desert Colossus. Anything you need to help your site flourish, I would be glad to help with.

TDC's Sandcast - The Podcast of the Desert

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