Here at The Desert Colossus, I get many letters a week asking about various minutia of the site, pointing out my typos, proposing a new theory, and touching on a myriad of other subjects. For the benefit of all, and to have a little fun, I figured I'd post the letters I receive every month here at the Mailbag. If you want to submit a question specifically to the Mailbag (and it can be about almost anything), use the form at the bottom of the page to directly send an email my way. Or, you can mail it to webmaster [at] desertcolossus [dot] com.

[January 14, 2006]

Wolflink writes:
Hey jack, your site is really coming, its good to see on the forums again, welcome back.

Jack replies:
Thanks, good to be back!

KC writes:
Hey, Jack! I FINALLY figured out why I could not listen to the Hyrule Symphony tracks: pop-up blocker was activated. Once I turned it off, I heard the music! Such wonders!!! Thanks anyhow.

Jack replies:
It's great, isn't it? Anyways, glad to hear you worked it out!

Thegloworm writes:
im trying 2 start a zelda cite and i was wondering if i could use some of your stuff if i give u credit for it?

Jack replies:
Congrats on the move, but I think you'll find that your site will be much more satisfying to create if you write your own material. Good luck!

Dear writes:
This website is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack replies:

guardianof writes:
My friend registered on forum and well it won't let her log in. What should she do?

Jack replies:
After creating an account at the forum, the forum software emails a new, random password to you. Your friend needs to check her email and get the new password and use that to log in. Have her email me at my if she's still having issues!

lol writes:
Hey Jack are you going to add the Twlight people in your list of races in Hyrule?

Jack replies:
Yes, definitely, once I finish putting the final touches of the Twili artcile. I feel I'll be making it next week's Compendium Featured Article.

Yessum writes:
I was wondering, was it the Twili that created Majora's mask because it was "hidden in shadow" (or something like that)And Midna's fused shadow (the one she has form the beginning) has a eye simalar to Majora's. Secondly is there any correlation between the Temple of time and The tower of the gods?

Jack replies:
You know, I was thinking the same thing, that perhaps the Twili are the Dark Tribe of FSA, and perhaps their Terminan "reflection" are the tribe that created Majora. Good question! As to your second question, I have no clue, though I doubt it very much. If only because we know the Temple of Time is not a tower, just a cathedral-style building.

Ingo writes:
have a crush on one of the goddesses! (dont tell anyone, though.) Do you like any of the goddesses? Cuz Farore's hot! *giggle*

Jack replies:
Oh my. I'm not entirely sure what they look like, so I'm going to have to say no comment on this particular question.

GerudoGal writes:
Hey jack! What's your fav. tribe in Hyrule?
And how would you say 'kokiri' as, would you say 'kokirian people' or 'kokirish', or what?

Jack replies:
My favorite tribe... probably the Deku Scrubs. They're so cute, I can't hate them no matter how hard I try. You can just say "Kokiri", because the word is both singular and plural, like "sheep".

Ilia writes:
Hi, I have been told that Tp is gunna be the LAST zelda game ever! :\'(
But, there making Phantom Hourglass 4 ds, but do they mean that tp will be the last zelda game 4 a tv consol? *gc or wii*
Soz if u dnt know the answer,
Also, how often do u chek ur letters?

Jack replies:
Don't worry, TP will not be last Zelda game ever. I check my letters all the time, but the problem is I usually don't get around to doing anything with them for about a month at a time (I like to let them pile up a bit).

Zelda writes:
Hi Jack, I love this site! Im on it nearly all the time! ^^
I was wondering, 2 make a site like this *that has poeple signing up, forums and stuffs like that* do u have 2 pay 4 it? Ive joined Piczo but it doesnt seem as good as a site like this.
Thxs Keep it up with ur site! ^^

Jack replies:
Thanks for the kind words! Yeah I pay for my domain name and hosting, so it will cost you money. You can't really run a site of this size off of Piczo, or any place like that. Just keep at it and expand your site design knowledge, and I'm sure you can make a site as big as mine one day soon.

Fefa writes:
Dear Jack,
Guess what was way wierd? I had a dream about you a couple of nights ago. You were sitting at a stand ringing bells and people would sit on chairs and listen to you. I wanted to go tell you who i was, that i am somebody on your site, but i didn't for some reason. Um, didn't you say you were irish? somewhere i think i read that. that's cool! I had a friend in the second grade that was obsessed with ireland. SHe would always brag to me how she was "half irish". It was annoying. lol. hey have you seen D-N-Angel? would you recomend it to an anime-loving teenager? Have you played the game Fefa? (i have no idea if thats how u spell it) i played it for the first time yesterday with my cousin, and i won him with his best team, Brazil. I was Argentina, and i creamed him. ^^ Do you like soccer? I love it!! ok sory ill stop with the questions. Thank you very much mailman. goodbye. thank you for answering my stuff. (do you like the word 'stuff'?)

Jack replies:
Wow, that's crazy, I wonder how I looked in your dream considering you've never seen a picture of me (unless you've been to the forums? There's one there). In any case, that's funny, thanks for sharing. And yes, I am of Irish ethnicity, although part Italian too (and a little French-Canadian as well, but jsut a teensy bit). Majority Irish though, so I go with that. I played soccer when I was a kid, in one of those pee-wee-ish leagues. I never really got into it though, only played for two years, more at my parents insistence than mine.

Ralis II writes:
Hi there,
There are several serious omissions to the character section such as Ruto, King Zora, Laruto, etc. Obviously I really like the Zoras and would like to have as clear a picture of them availible to everyone as possible. Also, I have read your entire theory on why the Rito and the Zora cannot be the same, yet Prince Komali has the Zora symbol on his necklace and Medli has it on her cloak. I never thought they would "naturally evolve" but instead that they were transformed by magic, the goddesses, or maybe Valoo. Either way, there should be a chance for a counter article that points out all the reason why they are the same and then people could just decided for themselves after weighing all the arguments and theories presented by both articles. I would also suggest you get someone else to do it since you sound a tad bit biased in your article.
Well, I guess I have intro-ed myself enough. Keep up the great site. It's awesome and we all love it.
PS. Aren't you glad Tingle wasn't in Twilight Princess?

Jack replies:
You're right the Compendium is severly lacking in the Zora department. Please feel free to write on or expand any article you like, and I'll be sure to throw a few Zora names into the characters page so they are editable. Concerning the evolution theory, I admit I'm biased, in the sense that I am biased to the conclusion i arrived at through the evidence at hand, but I deny any anti-evolution prejudice. Thanks for the compliments as well. And like you wouldn't believe.

Jaz writes:
There really are a lot of Naruto fans out there, huh? Well since it was such a big hit in Japan that would make sense to bring it to America. The only bad part is when they translate the anime it always sounds weird cause they change the words a bit. So then I have to watch it on youtube in japanese with English subtitles. (I'm on episode 105 now)It also sucks that they have to take a lot of stuff out. Otherwise it would be AdultSwim on Cartoonnetwork with the rest of the anime where it belongs. I will somehow find way to complain *ahem* rant *ahem* to Cartoonnetwork about this. It's also so annoying when "noobs" mix stuff up. Like when they say naRUto instead of naruto. Or when they cannot be convinced otherwise when you tell them that the blonde kid in the green skirt is not Zelda. Now that ticks me off a lot.
Apart from Zelda, what else do you like? I like Fire Emblem and any other strategy games like that. O yeah and since you got a Wii I'm guessing you also got Wii sports? What was your fitness age or watever they call it? I was about 35. But only because I suck at golf.

Jack replies:
There's not much I can speak to your first paragraph, so we'll just move on, eh? As to the rest of your email, I also like various RPGs, Metroid, Tomb Raider, etc. And yes I do have Wii Sports. My best Fitness Age was 28, and that's only if I manage to avoid Home Run Derby.

jackal writes:
Hey Jack, I was looking through the under construction page, and noticed most of the stuff was updating game guides, adding new sections, stuff like that. I have access to like every game(not the Oracle series, beat them both, but my sister broke them)and a lot of free time, so if you want I can get the information for those sections...

Jack replies:
I always welcome new contributions at TDC. If you would like to contributre anything jackal, I would love to put it up.

King writes:
Hey Jack do you know of any pictures (official or unofficial) of Majora? Also do you have any plans on finishing the Majora's Mask walkthrough? I finally started it again but the parts I need you don't have up! Also on the mini-walkthrough you have on the Anju-Kafai side-quest (lotta dashes 'eh?) you should add to the last part you have to meet Kafai by 7 PM in Ikana Village. One last thing totally unrelated to MM, how jumbo large is Twilight Princess on a scale of of 1-Awesome?

Jack replies:
Of Majora? No, unfortunately, all we have is his mask. I really couldn't tell you what he looked like officially outside of what the Majora boss looked like. Good idea for an addition to the walkthrough. I'm waiting for Majora's mask to show up on the VIrtual Console so I can finally play it again (I really don't want to spend $50 for the Zelda Collection disc with MM on it). As to your last question, the answer is most definitely "awesome".

don't writes:
YO SUP MY JACKIE!! (hope its ok if i call u that, otherwise i'll call u J-Dawg!!) anyway, what's krakin? OH did u get any weird emails? like from unknown girls lately saying stuff like "what is up?" or stuff that ur teenage peers would say to you? because my friends at skool were passing out papers that they wanted u to put ur email, and my other friend decided to play a joke, so he put someone else's email on the list, saying it was his, and he told me to do it, so i gave them UR email!! hahahahahaha!! so did it work? did they email u?

Jack replies:
Sorry to disappoint, but I haven't received any emails out of the ordinary. Well, along the lines you described. Also, my peers really aren't teenaged anymore, or at least haven't been for about four years now!

Bboy94 writes:
Windows Media Player says that some of the stump files are corrupt or the url is corrupt or something, what is up with that?

Jack replies:
I just checked them all and all the links are working just fine. I think the problem might have been that you were trying to open the files directly into WMP, and the hot link protection was blocking that. In any case, you should have that problem anymore.


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