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[Hyrule Symphony Cover] Ocarina of Time featured what was at the time the best score of any Zelda game to date, and to carry that even further Koji Kondo has brought together an orchestra to render his score in thirteen wonderful tracks. Included on the CD was every major composition from OoT plus a bonus track "Legend of Zelda Medley" which is made up of many fan favorites including the Zelda Overworld theme, the Dark World theme, and the classic dungeon theme from Legend of Zelda.

All of the tracks are available for your listening pleasure at the Gallery in the Hyrule Symphony section.

1 Title Theme [4:03] 4.63 mb
2 Kokiri Forest [2:10] 2.48 mb
3 Hyrule Field [3:47] 4.34 mb
4 Hyrule Castle Town [2:10] 2.48 mb
5 Lon Lon Ranch [3:26] 3.93 mb
6 Kakariko Village [3:06] 3.55 mb
7 Death Mountain [2:58] 3.40 mb
8 Zora's Domain [3:41] 4.23 mb
9 Gerudo Valley [4:33] 5.22 mb
10 Ganondorf's Theme [1:06] 1.26 mb
11 Princess Zelda [3:05] 3.54 mb
12 Ocarina Medley [3:52] 4.42 mb
13 Legend of Zelda Medley [4:48] 5.49 mb

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