Valiant Comics

These comics were first published way back in 1990 as part of the Nintendo Comics System series. The storyline of these comics occur after the events of Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link whence Ganon has resurfaced in possession of the Triforce of Power and plots to capture the remaining two. Now, only Link and Zelda can stand in Ganon's way.

These comics were generously provided by Legends of Zelda so that we can offer them as downloads below.

   Issue #1, February (5.3 MB .ZIP)
   Issue #2, March (5.3 MB .ZIP)
   Issue #3, April (5.9 MB .ZIP)
   Issue #4, May (5.3 MB .ZIP)
   Issue #5, August (5.1 MB .ZIP)

Hyrule Adventures 2! Stop playing Zelda. Start living it!

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