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[Nogare's Curiosities and Questions] Introduction
July 31, 2008 — by
Hi! Here are some upcoming theories that are coming up in my area: Curiosities about Shad from Twilight Princess - how he relates to other things in Zelda games; Observations of Snowpeak Ruins; Translations on the walls of the Temple of Time in Twilight Princess; my timeline to be considered; the theory of the number 4 (ya, another of these number crazes ); and the hidden meanings behind what we see in the eye of Vaati. All that and more, coming to this section! Cool, eh? PLUS! I've got some reviews for Fan Fictions that I've read on TDC, so if you're wondering which fan fiction you'd be interested in reading, I'll write up about what it's like, and you can judge for yourself, instead of going half way through and saying, "I really didn't like that," (though there are very few of those), or perhaps never even knowing that the fan fiction just for you was right there and you never even considered opening it.

My fan fiction, Age of Chaos, will have much to do with theories like these, and some of them are so vital the storyline that I dare not share them here. I'll just share some elementary stuff which won't harm the story at all dramatically, if at all. You wouldn't even notice. Sorry if I don't seem to shut up about it ...

Thank you for reading. I'll work on the reviews of the fan fictions which I've finished as soon as possible.


by ZeldaVeteran @ 31 Jul 2008 05:14 pm
Thank God, another site writer. The only writers are Dragmire and I, and Dragmire left... so KP's nagging at me left and right. *glares at Dragmire*
by kasei @ 02 Aug 2008 02:28 pm
YAY! smile

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