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[HA2 Update] Another interview from HA2
September 21, 2008 — by
clondon92  (7:39:06 PM): You have time?
Orpheous II (7:39:14 PM): Why?
clondon92 (7:39:18 PM): Just tell me.
clondon92 (7:39:20 PM): Do you have time or not.
Orpheous II (7:39:31 PM): Some, but not much
clondon92 (7:39:38 PM): ...like how much then?
Orpheous II (7:40:00 PM): half hour or so
clondon92 (7:40:10 PM): Ah, that's plenty.
clondon92 (7:40:13 PM): You're next.
Orpheous II (7:40:28 PM): Next for what?
clondon92 (7:40:33 PM): Interview.
clondon92 (7:40:38 PM): Now shut up and talk to me.
clondon92 (7:40:39 PM): ...
clondon92 (7:40:46 PM): That doesn't work, does it?
Orpheous II (7:40:57 PM): No, it works great.
clondon92 (7:41:06 PM): Oh, alright then.
clondon92 (7:41:08 PM): Let's get started.
clondon92 (7:41:11 PM): Name and occupation.
Orpheous II (7:41:44 PM): Orpheous - Scribe
clondon92 (7:41:55 PM): The only one in Hyrule at the moment, I might add.
Orpheous II (7:42:20 PM): Yep, unless you count the many people that have left, or the off and on again Brin
clondon92 (7:42:40 PM): *The More You Know*
clondon92 (7:42:45 PM): Alright, anyways.
clondon92 (7:42:52 PM): What brought you to HA2?
Orpheous II (7:44:53 PM): Well, I've always been a fan of the Legend of Zelda, and theories revolving around it. Such as the timeline conundrum. So, when looking at sights one night, I found Desert Colossus. And a few months later, after already having done a forum RPG, vaguely, I noticed HA2. I decided it looked fun, and I signed up.
clondon92 (7:45:25 PM): What were your first impressions of HA2? The community, the setup, the rules, etc.
Orpheous II (7:48:07 PM): Well, I liked the fact that it was well htought out. The rules weren't perfect, and I barely understood them when I started off, like many others, but I caught on. I did worry about about how I would fit into your social circle, considering my last forum RPG I did was one where everybody actually knew each other, except for me. But, you guys (well, you weren't there at the time, but the audience gets the point) accepted me fairly well, and put up with my noobishness until I improved. You guys are now like family to me now, and I never want to leave.
Orpheous II (7:48:50 PM): It also took me a while to get a hold of the compass and the traveling within the castle, and even longer with the clicking on the screens to find the items for the quest thing.
clondon92 (7:49:13 PM): Did you figure out all the quests yourself or have other players tell you where to click?
Orpheous II (7:49:46 PM): I was only told that I had to click the screen. I was never told where, but after I heard that, I searched every screen
clondon92 (7:49:59 PM): ...
clondon92 (7:50:00 PM): Wow.
clondon92 (7:50:18 PM): I would never have been able to find them all without hints.
Orpheous II (7:50:32 PM): Sure, the trophey one was hard, but that was about it.
clondon92 (7:51:00 PM): And, just curious, but you said HA2 was family...well, we know that Alpha is the big brute of an uncle who spends all day gloating and noone really likes, but who would everyone else be?
Orpheous II (7:53:52 PM): Well, I never put much thought into it. Worru and I are more like friends, but I guess we could be considered brothers. Sovelis is kind of like the eccentric cousin. You are more like a big brother, in the fact that you RP way better than I ever could, but that hasn't been around all my life, because you showed up after I did. Nogare and Kasei were the most parental (not that I'm saying they should be a coupal. AWKWARD, just no), because they showed me what to do and what to expect.
clondon92 (7:54:26 PM): You've just inspired about seven yaoi fanfics. Good job.
Orpheous II (7:54:51 PM): Actually, I'd say six, but I promised that story to somebody else.
Orpheous II (7:55:05 PM): Kidding.
clondon92 (7:55:06 PM): Let's just keep this conversation a secret from Worru and we'll be safe.
clondon92 (7:55:10 PM): Anyways.
clondon92 (7:55:26 PM): How are you feeling about the general direction HA2 is taking?
Orpheous II (7:56:57 PM): Well, HA2 has it's ups and downs, kind of like America's economy over here. HA2 is really trudging in the mud right now, because hardly anybody is on and responding (I am one of those people, sorry, not pointing fingers. I want to get back, I really do, but with school...). But it'll pick up, and I hope to be back soon.
Orpheous II (7:57:13 PM): I just hope the regulars return.
clondon92 (7:57:46 PM): Makes me feel like a loser when everyone else is too busy to get on and I'm sitting there all day...
clondon92 (7:57:50 PM): South Hyrule.
clondon92 (7:57:56 PM): Thoughts? Expectations?
Orpheous II (7:58:07 PM): I won't lie to you...
clondon92 (7:58:18 PM): I should hope not.
Orpheous II (7:58:20 PM): My primary wish is for new items
Orpheous II (7:58:57 PM): However, I am very interesting in getting the plot up and going, and showing people the rest of my story, which strongly involves South Hyrule
Orpheous II (7:59:15 PM): Sorry, change the interesting to and interested
clondon92 (7:59:48 PM): When you say new items...weapons, armor, or accesories?
Orpheous II (8:01:14 PM): Weapons mostly, considering I have a plan for keeping my defense up. Accesories would be second, hopefully boots or rings, maybe some kind of bottle system. And armor is last on the list.
Orpheous II (8:01:46 PM): And I really want a cain
clondon92 (8:01:46 PM): Do you ever feel disadvantaged? Being a scribe and such, I mean.
Orpheous II (8:02:36 PM): No, not at all. "The Quill is Mightier than the Sword" is probably the coolest power in the game. And my magic is almost unparralleled. And when I said cain, I meant cane.
clondon92 (8:02:48 PM): I figured as much.
clondon92 (8:03:24 PM): In your opinion, what are the best classes, races, abilities, etc. out there?
Orpheous II (8:06:48 PM): Well, once again, I won't lie to you. I help my friend, Skaar, create his character. And, if you want an all around balance character, you want to get a Sheikahn Vagabond, preferably, a bard, but a ranger isn't that bad either. However, a thief can't wear a jerkin, so I would scratch that option for a balanced character. I haven't figured out the best physical character out there, but Shigure is a good model for now. And for magic, either a mage or scribe, being either a Hylian or Zora. The two reasons I chose Human for Orpheous the Scribe was because in my other works, he is a human, no exceptions, and, I wanted him to be partially balanced, because humans have a slightly higher defence and no magical weaknesses.
clondon92 (8:07:31 PM): Why not a Cleric for the strongest scholar?
Orpheous II (8:08:28 PM): Well, I see Cleric's in more a supporting position, no offense. There could easily be some powerful clerics, but I haven't really seem them in action all that much, except for Burlo, who rocks.
clondon92 (8:08:56 PM): Since he's...kind of the only cleric on HA2 that makes any frequent appearance.
Orpheous II (8:09:13 PM): Yeah, but ... perhaps not for long (dun dun dun).
clondon92 (8:09:31 PM): What's your favorite moment/topic/post/event on HA2 so far?
Orpheous II (8:10:39 PM): Everything about it is so much fun. I love the concept behind FoG, and Alpha's doing a good job with it. However, I've been with the War longer, and I'm loving it. It's really let me set so much backstory for my storyline, and it's fun to watch it unfold as well.
clondon92 (8:11:51 PM): And that's all the time we have.
clondon92 (8:12:02 PM): If you have anyone you wanna say hi too or whatever, do it now.
Orpheous II (8:13:45 PM): Well, I don't have anyone I have to say hi to, but I'm not the person who turns down a good excuse to publically declare what shippers I support. VilkxKate and OrphxSilna forever.
clondon92 (8:13:57 PM): Yeah, we're done now.
Orpheous II (8:14:00 PM): Or until I kill them off
clondon92 (8:14:03 PM): DONE

by Kasei @ 22 Sep 2008 06:46 pm
I feel left out ;-;
by @ 23 Sep 2008 12:47 am
Get AIM then.
by Keychain @ 26 Sep 2008 07:19 pm
I'm getting AIM now. XD All I have is Yahoo.

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